Mr. Connolly is not your typical attorney - he actually cares about his clients and the results he obtains for them.  I would highly recommend him for any family law matter or personal injury claim.

-Luke H.


Mr. Connolly is a true advocate for his clients.  He is passionate, aggressive and has the vision to anticipate the other parties strategy and be proactive rather than reactive.

-Kim S

I  am very happy with the way Mr. DeHoyos handled my case, I would at anytime let friends or family know how great he is as far as handling personal injury cases!

-Jean F.

Ryan DeHoyos is a sharp, professional lawyer whose knowledge, insight and demeanor command attention and respect. I can honestly say I was confident for the first time when Mr. DeHoyos accompanied me in court. I learned very quickly Mr. DeHoyos is a man of solutions! He found a pathway to success for myself and daughter no matter what was thrown our way. Overall, his family values, flexibility and determination were outstanding. Today, my daughter and I have him to thank for our joyful and loving times together. We no longer have to fear being torn apart by anyone else. Thank you Ryan! Your commitment to your clients is unforgettable. You have given my heart peace in knowing my parental rights can no longer be taken from me. God bless you! 

-Karmin R

When recently presented with unexpected circumstances within a business partnership, I found myself in a position where gaining legal representation was going to be necessary.  After researching a number of options, I decided to seek the services of Mr. Ryan DeHoyos of DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC.  Right from the very first conversation I knew I had made exactly the right choice.  As each step of the legal process unfolded, I became more and more impressed with Mr. DeHoyos knowledge, responsiveness, and ability to really understand what was most important to me as his client.  For those who need the services of an outstanding attorney who will work relentlessly on your behalf- without reservation I highly recommend Mr. Ryan DeHoyos.


In the past few years Ryan DeHoyos has represented me on two separate occasions both garnering very positive results.  Ryan is not only very savvy in civil and injury law practices but also very accommodating when it comes to communication and follow-up.  On these two occasions he has proven that his client’s interest is priority number one, and for that I am grateful.  With that said, for those of us that litigation is not common knowledge he is patient and offers explanation throughout the process, easing uncertainty and answering questions in a simple approach.  In my experience, his service is as paramount as his ability to maximize settlements.  It is noteworthy to add, Ryan fought very hard to get what I felt was deserved, and it was most appreciated. 

-Chris Y.

DeHoyos always made me feel confident in the decision I was making regarding my contested divorce. 

I trust he always had my best interest at heart and was always available to communicate openly about questions that arose. Ryan did very well at making MY mountains INTO mole hills and would highly recommend DC-law to anyone. I can say with confidence, Ryan is MY lawyer.


I had a rear end collision and needed an attorney. DeHoyos made everything a breeze for me. I honestly did not have to worry about a single issue everything was resolved with ease. Pleased to say I picked DeHoyos!


When I went through my divorce in 2015 Ryan was always available when I needed him or if I had a question. He made things easier for me to understand and months later after my divorce was final I was still able to reach out to him via email and ask questions about my decree.


Mr DeHoyos represented me in a case & I felt like he knew what he was doing & I felt safe knowing everything was going to come out right at the end of it all. The way he handled things & his performance is awesome.


Mr DeHoyos represented me in a case & I felt like he knew what he was doing & I felt safe knowing everything was going to come out right at the end of it all. The way he handled things & his performance is awesome.


My experience with DeHoyos & Connolly was the best. I didn't know what to do because when I was rear-ended on July 10, 2014 the other party's insurance told me they were only going to fix my car. I hurt my back and had to go to therapy. One day I was having lunch and started a conversation with a lady next to me and I explained how I was having a hard time collecting from the other insurance. She offered me to DeHoyos & Connolly. Thank goodness she did!!! Without them I don't know what I would have done. Ryan is a great lawyer and I would definitely recommend him to fight for your case.

-J. Rodriguez

Attorney Ryan DeHoyos really helped me a lot in my divorce. He really explained everything clearly and since it's my first divorce experience even small questions that I think have a simple answer he never ignored me. Every detail of my divorce process he always communicated and made it a point that I understood it. He makes me feel very comfortable even when I'm nervous. I'm really thankful for all the help and patience that he gave me

-R. Sanchez

It was truly a pleasure having Ryan represent me throughout the whole divorce process. Hewas very knowledgeable and catered to everything I asked. Ryan truly was looking out for my best outcome in a horrible situation. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know if they are ever requesting an attorney.

-Chad F.

Mr. Connolly defended my wife and I in a civil lawsuit recently where I saw first hand just how important it is to retain a seasoned trial attorney capable of taking your case to trial before a jury.  Not only did Kevin successfully defend against all the claims made against us, but he obtained sizable awards for us on our counter-claims. When you need an attorney that can actually try a lawsuit (rare breed) - call Kevin Connolly!

-Trey A

Dear Mr. DeHoyos,

I would first like to thank you for electing to represent me as my legal representative.  I know all cases typically have their own perils and obstacles to overcome, as you know my case proved to be be no different.    Due to those situations, I hold you in the utmost regard in your legal profession and as well as an outstanding individual.  Too many people today don't regard professional courtesy and accountability as highly as you, which gives many of your peers a poor reputation.

Over the course of my case, I found your legal counsel to be accurate, timely, and beneficial to me to make appropriate decisions for my case.  I know I wasn't the only client you were representing, however I did feel I receive the attention as if I was the only one.  I commend you for your ability to connect with you clients and help them through their time of difficulties.

I would highly recommend your counsel to anyone who finds the need for legal representation.  I believe your practice will continue to grow if you continue to operate in the manner I have witnessed over the last six months.  If I ever find the need for legal representation, you will be the first person I contact.

Thank you again for all of your hard work

-James T.

Highly recommend Ryan DeHoyos to all my family and friends.

DeHoyos was professional, always communicated with me and got a great result.

He truly cares about his clients and has such a tenacity, dedication and commitment to do his best.

I am thankful for his advice and counseling during my divorce. He was a great advocate for me.

-I. Hernandaz

For some, life changing events only come by once in a lifetime. I finally, at the age of 45, had one presented in front of me I couldn't pass up but was clueless on where to start. After attempts at trying and failing to find, decipher, and fill out correctly all of the right paperwork to start an LLC for the company I was going to buy, I reached out for some help. My first call was to Ryan Dehoyos. He helped explain, and navigated my way through the myriad of paperwork and pitfalls that I previously encountered. Thanks to Ryan, my LLC is now set up and our family is on our way to a better and more prosperous life. Thank you Ryan!!

-Jay D

Ryan DeHoyos was recommended by a friend when we needed legal advice (and ultimately representation) after our son was involved in an accident, and rear-ended by a drunk driver.  The insurance company with whom we were trying to settle did not want to discuss anything more than property damage with regards to our case.  After numerous unsuccessful phone calls with the insurance adjustor, we handed it over to Ryan, and he was able to quickly take over all conversations and get us a better, more fair settlement.  He was smart, patient, and diligent when speaking with us, making sure we understood the parameters of our case and how to proceed.  He was consistently available to answer all questions and thoroughly worked our case until it was resolved.  He responded to everything in a timely manner and was extremely easy to work with.  He even made sure we were able to do as much as we could via phone and email.  I would recommend Ryan and his firm for any case, and we were very pleased with our overall outcome.

-Sonja H.

I am very satisfied with my services from Ryan. I am very happy to have had him as my attorney!

-F. Garcia

In September of 2014 I was involved in a car wreck and I hired Ryan DeHoyos to help me with my case. I was able to contact him any time of the day. In addition, he replied every time I contacted him. Ryan also fought for my injuries and obtained a very great settlement! I will send any and everyone to Ryan he is a great lawyer.

-L. Smith

Ryan was my saving grace in a situation that I felt I had no control over. He showed me my options and went above and beyond to make sure I understood them and made it a point to help me make informed choices and decisions. He was very attentive and in tune with situations and made me feel at ease during a very uncomfortable place in my life.

 I would personally and highly recommend him for any and all legal issues that arise. Not only did he talk me through everything he made me feel as though I was talking to a friend or sounding board. Ryan made sure to keep in constant communication with me no matter what time of day or night I felt like he was always available. He demonstrated his professionalism in dealing with opposing counsel and mediator. Ryan always made sure to ask questions to keep up to date on all issues that were current and upcoming. 

In a time where my world was being destroyed he gave hope and encouragement and has made sure even after everything was said and done to remain in contact. Ryan is a stand up guy and he worked with me in more ways than I can ever truly appreciate and thank him for.

-Melissa H.

I wanted to express my appreciation to Mr. Ryan DeHoyos & Associates for assisting me on my divorce case. Mr. DeHoyos was friendly, professional, honest, and upfront as to what I would need to expect during the course of my filing. He was informative and would be quick to respond to any questions I had regarding the status of my case. In the months preceding my final decision to file, I had extensively searched for an attorney that would meet the criteria of professionalism paired with timelines, and he did just that. I would strongly recommend his services to any friends and family that may require of his assistance in the future. Again, he was a great attorney and was happy to have been provided with such exceptional results. 


As an attorney myself I know and understand how important choosing the right law firm can be. In handling my case, Mr. DeHoyos was diligent, responsive, easy to work with and highly professional. He worked hard for my rights and I am very happy with the results of my case. Mr. DeHoyos is a relentless advocate for his clients, as such I would highly recommend him and the DeHoyos & Connolly Law Firm and would use his services again in the future.

-Tonya T.

Kevin Connolly successfully defended my daughter in a case in which she was wrongfully accused of possessing drug paraphernalia. During our consultation, Kevin listened attentively to our concerns,  and assured us that he felt confident he could get the case dismissed. On our court date, he swiftly convinced the judge to dismiss the case due to lack of evidence. Furthermore, he persuaded the judge that law enforcement officers violated my daughter's rights during her interrogation and unlawfully enacted an illegal search of property. We are very grateful to Kevin for his exceptional legal services and would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal advice and representation.


Ryan represented me for a personal injury case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and I'm thoroughly satisfied with the services he provided. Ryan's presence and attention to my case were above and beyond. He is easy to speak to and made the necessary time to speak with me about my case. Great person!


Mr. DeHoyos handled my case in the most delicate manner. I had to return to court for a modification to child custody for my daughter. It was not easy to cope, but with Mr. DeHoyos’ expertise and valuable advice I was able to reach a satisfactory decision to end the dispute with the child’s father. If you want a lawyer to actually meet your needs and treat you with respect then call Ryan. I hope I don’t have the need for a lawyer again, but I will contact Ryan without hesitation if that time ever arises.


After countless attempts to find representation to prosecute my case I became frustrated with the lack luster results. Finally, a family friend referred me to Ryan A. DeHoyos. After speaking with Ryan the first time he not only empathized with my case but exuded the confidence and expertise I knew was needed to bring my case to justice.

Ryan A. DeHoyos exceeded my expectations. They, specifically Ryan, delivered justice and peace of mind. He not only picked up my case he picked me up. Ryan represented me when no one else would. I feel confident that whatever your case is Ryan is the attorney you want representing you! With Ryan you are not only getting an excellent attorney, but a good man as well!

-John R.

Big thanks to you and your firm for providing us with highest level of professional legal counsel available.  The advice and representation we received throughout the very difficult process was everything we hoped for and everything you promised us since day one.  Both [of us] will never forget what you did for us throughout the process of having the custodial parent changed in my custody agreement.  We are now enjoying my daughter living with us thanks to you and your firm

-Mike K.

We contacted Ryan after an accident that occurred in April of 2014. He was very attentive to our needs and was very informative through this ordeal. It's a very time consuming process, but we were able to speak with Ryan often to obtain updates and such. Never having gone through something like this we are very happy that we obtained legal services.

-Jose M.

My husband and I were recently faced with a serious, very emotional family situation. We were in search of an attorney who was tough and who could put an end to what we were going through. The law firm of DeHoyos and Connolly was recommended to us by another attorney after hearing what our situation was. My initial consultation was with Ryan DeHoyos but Kevin Connolly was the attorney that worked our case. The one question I asked Kevin was when does the law start working for the person who has done nothing wrong? Kevin's response was RIGHT NOW!  Kevin worked our case very hard, fighting for our rights every step of the way. Because of the firm's tough negotiating skills, his strong desire to win our case, and his knowledge of the law, we won everything we asked for and more! The outcome to our situation came out better than we ever expected thanks to the law firm of DeHoyos and Connolly, and specifically Kevin Connolly. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of the best!

-Charles and Kelly R.

My family has retained the services of Kevin Connolly on two occasions.  Both times he was able to get to work quickly and help us resolve the matter in just a short amount of time.  It brought us peace of mind knowing that a legal professional was working with us and advising us. Under Kevin's guidance we were able to navigate legal areas that were taking months of our time, in just a few short days.  His dedication and commitment helped us avoid many frustrating hours trying to sort through papers & procedures.  Kevin had it resolved in a matter of days.   I feel fortunate that I have a law firm that I can return to and feel assured that Mr. Connolly and the rest of the staff have a comprehensive understanding of the law and can help out in many different areas.  Above all, it is reassuring to work with a law firm that is professional, friendly and treats you like family.

-Ryan and Kelly

I worked directly with Ryan on my case. He was able to help me understand all of my options and guide me towards the best possible outcome. Not only was Ryan knowledgeable and helpful, but he also made me feel confident that his full attention and resources were being used to help me protect my rights.

-Chris J.

I was very impressed with the level of service I received at DeHoyos & Connolly. Setting an appointment was easy and Ryan worked with my schedule. I met and spoke with Ryan and his partner Kevin. They listened and explained what I could expect if I decided to move forward with my divorce. From my first consultation, Ryan made me feel like he had my best interest in mind. During a major life crisis that turned the only life I knew upside down, I was terrified and had no idea what to do. Ryan helped me find clarity and counseled me throughout the entire legal process. He was always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to communication – late night texts, emails, and quick response time for any updates or questions I had. I would definitely recommend him if you're looking for someone you can trust in your corner

-Carol T.

I can't think Ryan DeHoyos enough for what he's done for me. I am so grateful that I had him helping me with this difficult time of my life. Ryan DeHoyos was there for me no matter what and I deeply appreciate it. If I am ever need for legal services i will not hesitate to contact Mr. DeHoyos.

-Luisa G.

At first I was not sure how my particular case would turn out. There was over decades worth of information that we weren't sure was recoverable, and the funds were distributed to various institutions, so there was a lot of research that had to take place. There were some institutions that gave us a difficult time regarding certain information, even when proper procedures were followed to obtain that information. When we thought we were comfortable with a settlement offer, more questionable information arose. So instead of just making a settlement agreement, Ryan DeHoyos made the extra effort to do the extra research; which took time and resources to find the necessary information we needed. Ryan DeHoyos negotiated with the other attorney numerous times, and in a very diligent manner that we avoided going to court. We were in the right, but court would have been a much more time consuming process, and thanks to my lawyer, I am very thrilled with my settlement, and I am so grateful for this to be over! Thank you again Ryan DeHoyos!

-Ashley H.

When I made the decision to hire DeHoyos & Connolly as my legal representation concerning my legal matters I didn’t know what type of service dedication and commitment that was truly going to be received. Having to seek out counseling in legal matters as it is, is a very taxing and stressful situation. And making sure your legal counsel that you hire is truly the right choice can be overwhelming. Well, from my testament and experience that I had with DeHoyos & Connolly they exceeded beyond any of my expectations and previous experiences. Having to deal with legal matters as a whole is a very exhausting and demanding experience. One can be very weary on the service that might be truly rendered by legal counsel. I can honestly say that I felt completely the opposite. My involvement and stress level was completely minimal and it is very relieving allowing me to be able to focus on regular day to day issues that we all have without the added stress to my life concerning my legal situation. It was almost like I didn’t have any legal matters that I was handling in my life. We all work hard for our money, having to also work hard to spend it shouldn’t be the service one should expect to receive. DeHoyos & Connolly truly made it rewarding to feel that my financial investment was well spent and resulting in a successful outcome that truly is the testament on driving positive result and delivering on their commitment to represent their clients to the best of their ability and promise.

-Eric N.

I retained Ryan A. DeHoyos of DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life.  Mr. DeHoyos walked me through the process step by step and made me feel like I was not alone.  He made himself available to me, was very patient with all of my questions and conducted himself in the best interest of my family.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. DeHoyos and his team for anyone looking for a high quality legal firm

-T. Salinas

I was referred to DeHoyos & Connelly last year and had the best experience dealing with an experienced attorney.  Ryan DeHoyos helped to successfully litigate my divorce as quick and painless as possible, while making sure I was fully informed and walked me through every step of the process.  Ryan’s wealth of knowledge and expertise far surpassed my expectations and he showed a genuine vested interest in me as a client, by providing detailed recommendations and he made sure I completely understood all my options.  Ryan was very honest and unselfish in making time to answer any questions I had.  I will definitely recommend Ryan to all my family and friends and personally retain his services for legal advice in the future.

-Aaron N.

Ryan was very thorough and always available if needed. That was huge to me at times of panic! I am very happy with what this firm has done for my injuries and reimbursement. I actually came out with far more monetary reimbursement than I thought I would. I would recommend Ryan and his firm before anyone else in cases such as this for certain. Highly professional and actually concerned for their clients

-Kimberly M.

Our experience with Mr. DeHoyos was very professional. He represented us during our most difficult time. We were very satisfied with the outcome.

-Mary M.

I wanted to take just a brief moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the recent legal services I received from your firm, DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Obviously, any personal or professional issue that one may face that requires legal representation is a sensitive one, and one that can bring a great deal of stress and an uncertainty to said individual. I want to thank you and the entire staff at DeHoyos and Connolly, PLLC for a job well done, but more importantly to me, a level of service as your client that was truly amazing and allowed me to regain my physical health and peace of mind.

After my car accident, where the other driver was at fault, I felt myself in that exact same situation of uncertainty of how my rights would be protected and how I would be made whole on damages to person and property. I am very thankful that I learned of your law firm through a friend and received your contact information. From the very first call with you I could immediately feel relief to the issues and anxiety I was facing as you personally took ownership of my hardship and educated me on the legal ramifications of the auto accident and my rights. I was in discussions with other potential legal representation prior to that time, however your professionalism and attention to detail from the first call finalized my decision at that moment.

Over the course of following few months, you and your staff kept informed of the details of my case including accurate time-frames, expectations during negotiations and settlement and ensuring my damages would be addressed and made whole. In addition to making it a priority for me to receive medical attention immediately, with no out-of-pocket expenses to me, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be anxiety-free to carryon with my life by knowing DeHoyos and Connolly, PLLC were working on my behalf diligently. The settlement was quick and just and for that I thank you as well.

Out of all this mess of this auto accident, I feel truly fortunate to have learned your firm and will continue to place my trust in any and all applicable legal matters I may face in the future. Thank you again so very much for all that you and your staff have done for me and continued success for decades to come.

-Steven G.

In 2012, I was charged with a criminal matter and I hired Ryan DeHoyos as my legal counsel, a decision that I would gladly make again and recommend to anyone else faced with a legal matter. Any legal situation is scary, but Ryan provided a wealth of information to make the process the least painful as possible. He was there for me every step of the process and fought to get the best possible result. I would recommend Ryan DeHoyos to anyone and continue to do so today.

-A. Garcia

"I commend to you Mr. DeHoyos and Mr. Connolly. I know from experience that they have a comprehensive understanding of the law and I know firsthand that their attention to detail is meticulous. As attorneys, they are first-rate. But what impressed me most about these men was their compassion. They care about their clients. If you are looking for skilled litigators who are accessible and courteous, you need look no further."

-Doug S.

Ryan DeHoyos and staff were a pleasure to work with regarding my case. They were prompt, attentive and very courteous throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm to anyone looking for an honest and admirable staff who cares about their clients. As a team, they work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes.

-Jamie F.

I was extremely impressed with the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly. They are personable, caring, and professional, which made my experience with the firm feel more of a partnership than just being another client. Their services are a great investment. Both Ryan and Kevin proved to me that ethical and hardworking attorneys still do exist.

-J Mixon